Software Developer - Watson Financial Services Cloud Operations

Job Description
A cloud infrastructure engineer builds, deploys, and manages cloud services. Our mission is to build a customer facing RESTful application program interface (API) to IBM's public cloud. The API service will provide customers the power to provision the necessary network, compute and storage cloud services to run their applications and work load.
Meet with team members on regular sprints, develop and complete agreed-upon user stories
Develop modular, clean code with comprehensive tests
Refactor existing code as you develop new code; leave both in clean, modern state
Attend daily standups, demo work during reserved demo time, attend team retrospectives
Meet with colleagues across company to better understand requirements and ensure that new work fulfills real needs
Use software design principles to determine where functionality should be built, within applications and between applications (occasionally in completely new services)
Provide clear documentation
Provide clear and advance communication to colleagues and stakeholders about upcoming system changes
Take initiative to substantially improve customer and colleague workflows
Use advanced new technologies judiciously to reduce complexity
Software development skills
Understanding of REST
Knowledge of monitoring (Prometheus, Graphite) and logging (ELK, fluentd)
Strong troubleshooting skills
Functional Programming Principles
Git, GitHub and ZenHub
Continuous Integration/Continuous Development
Containers and virtualization
Agile development
Understanding of modern cloud (compute, storage, networking)
Server and cluster concepts: backup, load balancing, ACL, DR
Required Education
Bachelor's Degree
Employment Type
Preferred Education
Bachelor's Degree

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